Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hello World!!!

So here I am with a fresh new blog. The purpose of this particular blog is to document the learning process over on P2PU, especially, in this case, the "Introduce Yourself" module in their School of Webcraft.

Now, I actually already have a website, but I'm always looking for ways to add to my admittedly rudimentary knowledge of HTML and other web building technologies.  I've been tinkering off and on with websites since about 1998, but I'm definitely no expert, and I know my knowledge has gone horribly out of date, what with the advent of HTML 5 and such.

So I'll be using this to help me out with my P2PU work, and probably after I'll use it to just generally gab about web tech and such.  Web tech from a tinkerer's perspective.


  1. It's great to meet you! I hope you learn everything you can from P2PU, it's a community with a future perspective on education that more should learn from!

    Check out my blog if you're interested. Tell me what you think!

    Justin Murphy

  2. Thank you! And you have a great blog as well.